Our Industry Focus

    Life sciences, biotech and agricultural industries have been dramatically transformed through the availability of large volumes of data through IoT innovation and advances in technologies. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Digital Innovation, we deliver actionable insights into these industries. We automate the data scientist and enable use cases in any complex data rich environment to deliver optimised machine learning solutions.


    A Unified, Scaleable Platform

    Data & Analytics Centricity across the Industry Chain

    Applicable at

    Real-Farm Scale

    Real-Time Field Mapping

    Applied Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

    Decision Support Intelligence


    Backed by a world-class team of data scientists, engineers, domain specialists, technologists and commercial entrepreneurs, Agxio's Apollo platform defines the next generation of artificially intelligent machine learning innovation.  Apollo delivers robotic automation to beyond human scale AI/ML problems.


    Leveraging applied machine learning on an open and scaleable platform, Agxio's Centaur delivers the World's first in-season command centre for progressive, precision agriculture. From Field Trial innovation to Farm Management for Smart Agriculture, Agxio delivers 10x performance at scale.

    Apollo & Centaur: Our Flagship Platforms

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